Our History

framebyframe is a collection of creatives with similar vision and drive. Before fbf, our team worked together on many different occasions. Our similar taste and creative energy then inspired the founding of fbf.


Led by our founder Amman, we aspire to provide our clients highly original solutions from concept to delivery. We take joy in working together to create meaningful stories.


Our mission? Simple. Consistently exceed expectations by delivering exceptional solutions and tell stories that inspire.

Our Team

Ammanuel A. Wake

Creative Director

Amman is our creative director and founder. He loves what he does and spends most, if not all, of his time on his computer. On the rare occasions he isn't, he's out having fun with his friends and colleagues. He always sets priority on what's important. He helps all of us keep our deadlines and keep a sense of calm in our studio.

Mikiyas Girmachew

Technical Director

Mike is our technical guru. He knows about signals, cables, cameras, converters and other production equipment more than anyone else on our team. He and his team have managed more than fifty physical and virtual events. Coming from a background of computer sciences, he beautifully links his numerous skills together to manage and take on heavy tasks.

Yafet Yemane

General Manager

Yafet usually calls the shots on everything regarding fbf. He is our decision maker. He makes sure that the company is well able to undertake the tasks that as asked of it and is the link of all the departments. He also handles our legal and related affairs. If you’re a new client, chances are, you’re going to be seeing a lot of him.

Fitsum Admasu

Art Director

Co-founder of our partner agency, Firma Media and Communications, Fitsum is a creative problem solver. His talents range from design to production. He works on identity design, brand management, web-design and video production.

Naol Getnet

Lead Animator and Designer

Naol is our lead animator. He likes playing musical instruments and enjoys watching movies. He is a computer science student in ACT. He aspires to achieve great things in the world of motion design.

Mosisa Yayo

Sound Director

Mosi is our Sound Director. He loves all things sound. He is passionate about sounds of nature and try’s to implicate it to his work. Whether it be music, SFX or just a score for a project, he's always trying to include sounds of nature in his projects.

Amen Demissie


Amen is the in-house editor in the studio. He's fascinated by cameras and videography. He spends most of his day geeking out on camera specs and latest YouTuber vlogs. When he's not in the studio, he spends his time at a basketball court near him. He passionately loves playing and watching basketball.

Kidus Deribe

Intern 3D Animator

Kidus is our newest member interning as a 3D animator. He has a vision of being the best on what he does.He's always working on refining his skills that would make him a valuable asset to our studio. As a hobby he really likes reading books, watching anime series and movies. He believes that animation can provide us with unlimited potential to tell our story and share our ideas.

Bethlehem A. Wake

Social Media Manager

Betty is a guiding light through all our social media and digitals mazes. She helps our clients and us get the core of our messages across on social media and other digital platforms. She’s usually on her phone, talking to people, responding to inquiries, and publishing our content. She’s determined and flexible.

Jodahi B. Petros

Social Media Manager

A true environmentalist, Jodahi is known for his strong views about the environment and recycling. He helps us achieve our set goals on social media and handles our campaigns on different platforms. He also hosts an insightful weekly podcast on his YouTube Channel, Joda's Enfluence.

Yenkuel Bekele

Production Designer

Yenku is the adventure seeker in our team. She is usually on hikes and other thrill seeking activities. When she's in the studio, she's always pushing us to think outside of the box. Her inputs always result in big differences. She's constantly inspired by what she sees in nature and the people she meets.