5th Annual Private Equity on East Africa – Highlights Video

Held at the Sheraton Hotel in June of 2019, the 5th Annual Private Equity on East Africa is a conference hosted by the East Africa Venture Capital Association and organized by Flawless Events. FBF was there to live-stream and record the event. The final outcome was this 7 minute highlights video that they used for their 6th Annual Conference.

Mindset, A COVID-19 Special Show – Trailer

Mindset Consult, a renown consultancy and training firm in Ethiopia was broadcasting a special show on COVID-19 to create awareness. FBF was responsible to direct and edit the 3 month long show on Fana TV. This was the trailer we prepared for it.

Startup Ethiopia – Highlights Video

Startup Ethiopia was the first-ever conference in Ethiopia that was designed to help startups win funds and also network with potential angels. During this first-of-its-kind event, FBF was tasked with live-streaming the event as well as edit a short highlights video.

Wedefit/Forward (Official Lyric Video)

This lyric video was made for the second anthem of Beza Youth’s Friday Night Fire (FNF). It was only suiting to use emojis and animojis as it describes the playful yet expressive words that were being said in the lyrics.

Marriage Laws In Africa

As one of their priority for 2019, UN Women and Plan International along with the African Union had prepared a compendium on Marriage Laws in Africa that was collected from 55 African Union Member States. As it was over 50 pages long, UN Women tasked us with presenting the important parts of the compendium in a short animation video. This video was then produced to be presented at their unveiling event.

Balenjeraye Animation Series

This collage of videos was produced in collaboration with our partner agency, Firma Media and Communications. The videos explore how the different parts of our bodies could be used to love our neighbors and create harmony in our communities.

Ignite Africa Challenge

This brief promo video was produced for igniteafricachallenge.org to launch their challenge 2019 challenge.

We Love Walking Together – Tsi-Mirrors

Tsi-Mirrors is a mentorship program designed for young women in various walks of life. This video was produced to explain the core idea of the project and was featured on the launching of the program at Sapphire Addis Hotel.

IFRC – Practice Guide for Migrant Health Workers

This short animation was made to explain how the work of Migrant Health Workers could have a huge impact on migrants and how they should adopt a new practice guide made by the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC). The story revolves around one migrant family who faces a common issue when migrating.

I Am An African – 7th Edition of The Youth Mag

The Youth Mag, a magazine made by youths for youths, was making its seventh issue an online version. This video was made to promote youths around the African continent to contribute their thoughts on the theme “Pan- Africanism”.