427 Anthem (Official Music Video)

427 Anthem was the first ever anthem for the famous Beza Youth event, FNF (Friday Night Fire). The theme of the event was #IamFindingMe. This give us the idea of revealing identities of our silhouette talents in the video. And that’s what we ended up doing for this final piece.
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Beza International Ministries


Production: Beza Youth, Friday Night Fire (FNF) 

Creative Direction: Addismiraph Abebe, Ammanuel A. Wake
Music: ISAAC
Vocals: Shalom Adugna, T(from Cross Concept)
Camera: @gift_habeshaw
Editing: Ammanuel A. Wake
Motion Graphics & Animation: Ammanuel A. Wake

Bole Atlas, Ghana Road
In front of Axum Bldg. 4th Floor Addis Ababa, Ethiopia